Rubinetterie Eurorama Spa

Made in Italy

Rubinetterie Eurorama has been ITPI certified since 2008, the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers is the body certifying that products are made entirely in Italy. The Italian spirit of the trademark released contributes to the immediate recognition of the product and elevates it in terms of quality as well as overall image. The "100% Made in Italy" trademark can be assigned to each product provided that it is made entirely in Italy. The activity of 100% Made in Italy is focused on the value of productions entirely made in Italy. Finally, with the advent of Law 166 of 2009 took place the full recognition of the 100% Made in Italy trademark and the subsequent enactment of the guarantee through certification. Therefore, today is not only a choice of quality and status symbol that enhances the product "100% Made in Italy" but an essential act of communication. The "100% Made in Italy", applicable to any sector, is part of the product whose quality makes it unique and properly appreciated by the consumer. With the certification, the company that boasts it succeeds in communicating properly the value of quality products made entirely in Italy. The 100% Made in Italy trademark is issued after a careful series of checks on the quality, style, materials and many other stages of the production process, all certified to be genuinely Made in Italy by the trademark of protection. The Made in Italy is a hallmark in the world, of a certain "know-how" it expresses creativity, style, inspiration and beauty, all made with efforts and passion in a difficult context. The world, however, has changed rapidly and the Made in Italy has the need for strong legal protections. Some countries, in fact, do not show scruples in interpreting outdated laws, in some cases encouraged by the inaction of certain European politicians, but also Italian, too submissive against them. We believe strongly in the Made in Italy, in the real and genuine Made in Italy.

 For the traceability of certified producers, The Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers has established a system to provide traceability of all Italian products. The system allows checking a series of data useful for the consumer: the producer and the hallmark. These data have been available since 2005. It is sufficient to visit the site and enter the code shown on every product, in order to have the data and determine whether it is an authentic Italian product and verify the origin of the brand approved.